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Rwanda Genocide Against the Tutsi

Remembering the Rwanda Genocide Against the Tutsi

Kigali Memorial Center. Photographs by Erik Ponder.


Exhibit: Remembering the Rwanda Genocide Against the Tutsi 25 Years Later

Date: through April 30th
Location: MSU Libraries – 2 West

Description: As part of MSU's Year of Global Africa Celebration, this exhibit commemorates the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi and seeks to increase awareness and understanding of the root causes and the effects of the genocide.

Together We Remember

Date: 04/05/19
Time: 11am – 1pm
Location: MSU Libraries – First Floor West Wing

The MSU Libraries is pleased to invite your participation in Together We Remember, a vigil for Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month (April) which includes a reading of names of people killed in genocides. MSU's Together We Remember vigil will be held on Friday April 5th from 11am-1pm at the Main Library, in the Cesar A. Chavez Collection, 1st floor West side. As it’s the 25th year after the Rwandan genocide against the Tutsi we will begin and end our vigil with names of people murdered there.

The arts will be weaved into the program, and will include: a poem about the genocide against the Tutsi by undergraduate students Ingabire Gasana Elyvine and Bakuramutsa Sandrine Divine, at 11am; a filmed art performance piece about the Holocaust and sexual violence by MFA candidate Chelsea Markuson, at 12pm; and a poem in Armenian by faculty member Tamar Boyadjian (English/Muslim Studies), at 12:30pm.

Together We Remember is an international event of remembrance and action; see for more information.

Anyone wishing to read names at the vigil should please contact Erik Ponder (ponderer(at) by Monday March 25th 

Co-sponsored by the MSU African Studies Center, MSU Asian Studies Center, Center for Gender in Global Context, Serling Institute for Jewish Studies and Modern Israel, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, MSU Muslim Studies Program, Peace & Justice Studies Program, and the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities

A 360-Degree Immersive Visualization Exhibit:
Sites of Memory: Reflecting on the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda

Date: 04/09/19 – 4/30/19
Time: Open House, April 9, 6pm
Location: MSU Libraries – Digital Scholarship Lab (2 West)

Description: The exhibit commemorates the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsi. The Exhibit explores the history of the genocide through the use of a virtual tour of several prominent genocide memorial cites in Rwanda using 360-degree video technology which includes testimonial interviews with survivors of the genocide.

Film Screening and Panel Discussion:
Keepers of Memory (2004), directed by Eric Kubera

Date: 04/16/19
Time: 7pm
Location: MSU Libraries, Green Room (4 West)

Through eyewitness accounts and gripping footage, acclaimed director Eric Kabera takes the viewer on an emotional journey into the 1994 Rwandan genocide, its survivors, and the memorials created in the victims' honor. The film focuses on the personal accounts of men and women who watch over the sacred burial sites keeping the memories alive for future generations. They tell a tale of unimaginable pain and loss that is both inspirational and thought provoking as they bravely face the future and rebuild their lives.

Laura Apol, Associate professor, Department of Teacher Education
Ken Harrow, Professor Emeritus, Department of English
ChristinA DeJong, Associate Professor, College of Social Science, School of Criminal Justice
Ken Waltzer, Professor Emeritus, James Madison College, Social Relations and Policy
Jean Kayitsinga, Assistant Professor, Julian Samora Research Institute, University Outreach and Engagement
Erik Ponder, African Studies Librarian, MSU Libraries

Rwandan Genocide Testimonies in the USC Shoah Visual History Archive:
A Workshop

Date: 04/17/19
Time: 11am-1pm
Location: Main Library, Beaumont West Instruction Room
RSVP by 4/12/19 to deborahm(at) (put "Rwanda Shoah workshop" in subject line)

Please join us on Wednesday April 17th from 11am to 1pm to explore testimonies from the Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda using the USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive database. Learn how to search for and access the nearly 90 video interviews with Tutsi Survivors, Rescuers, and other groups. Issues related to the origin and translation of these testimonies will be discussed. With librarians Erik Ponder and Deborah Margolis. Lunch is provided; RSVP required by Friday April 12 to deborahm(at) (put "Rwanda Shoah workshop" in subject line). Please bring your own earbuds/headphones.

Generously supported by the Brill Endowment

International Symposium on Genocide:
Confronting the Past and Understanding the Present

Date: 04/19/2019
Time: 8:00am-8:00pm
Location: MSU Union, Ballroom

The goal of the symposium is to bring in international scholars on genocide to discuss and share their knowledge on the causes and consequences of genocides, and on social transformations after genocides. We are inviting interdisciplinary scholars on genocide who will highlight the social, historical, and political contexts and detailed social processes of genocide. To illustrate, we will invite scholars that have conducted research and examined: 1) the Genocide against the Tutsi, 2) the Holocaust, and 3) the Armenian Genocide. We will also invite scholars to address the consequences of genocide, including sexual assault/rape, trauma issues, and mental health. Scholars will also touch upon issues of genocide remembrance, denial and revisionism, transitional justice for the victims, reconciliation, forgiveness, and social cohesion within society post-genocide.

For more information on the April 19th International Symposium on Genocide, click here.
For the April 19th program, click here.

The 25th Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi – Kwibuka 25

Date: 04/20/19
2:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Kellogg Center, Big Ten A Room

We are organizing the 25th Commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda here at Michigan State University (MSU). Every year, Rwandans around the world remember their loved ones who perished in the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 in which over one million mostly Tutsi people were slaughtered in 100 days. We celebrate their lives, honor them, and cherish memories and times we spent together, their kindness, laughter, valuable lessons, and values they taught us.

For more information about the 25th Commemoration on April 20, click here.
For the April 20th program, click here.